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  • Pacman Highscore

    Pacman Highscore
  • Bad Ice Cream

    Bad Ice Cream
  • Burgerman

  • Pax-con

  • Pacs Jungletrip

    Pacs Jungletrip
  • Pacman Platform

    Pacman Platform
  • Pacman

  • Madpac Underwater

    Madpac Underwater
  • Madpac 2

    Madpac 2
  • Madpac

  • Grabbit Rabbit

    Grabbit Rabbit
  • Fusion Frenzy

    Fusion Frenzy
  • Cognition

  • Ultimate Pie Theft

    Ultimate Pie Theft

Pacman came when games didn't need amazing graphics to be famous among both kids and grown-ups. Even the goal was simple: to avoid the ghosts, who were the villains, and collect all the berries along the way, also called dots by others. After the computers came, the games went straight from the Arcades to the screen of thousands, now millions of addicted players. Like everything else, even a classic game can become boring after some time, even though the little ones who never tried it will continue to have at least a few months of fun. To continue on the market, many others were developed, some with the same story and goal, others with a few additions like Pacman's girlfriend, new items to collect and other playable things. Even the main characters was replaced in a few fan's flash version, just to show how it would be if other famous characters from the video-games were in the same situation. It doesn't matter if you prefer to eat the ghosts or just avoid them at any cost while eating your food, it's always cool to play it again, wheter it is inside the classic maze, under the sea or in the space.